Tax Assistant Mobile App Developed For Salary Person

Islamabad: The FBR has developed a mobile app to guide and facilitate the salaried class. FBR to launch mobile app for tax return filing

According to News, the FBR has developed an app to guide the salaried class in the country, under which even a normal salaried person will be able to receive their tax information, tax payment and other details on the smartphone.

In his tweet on social networking site Twitter, chairman FBR thanked Allah that a “mobile app” is being launched for salaried people, which will not only pay the system.

The info regarding the launch of the new mobile app is but to emerge, however, the step comes at the proper time as it will allow the salaried magnificence to record their tax returns for the 12 months 2019 without any problem.

The reason of the app is to make it less complicated for the not unusual salaried person to publish their very own document returns while not having to cope with any hurdles or paid tax helpers.

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