China invests $ 12.4 billion in energy sector, CPEC Pakistan

Islamabad (Thursday, March 5, 2020): China has invested 12.4 Billion Dollars investment in CPEC Plan in Pakistan.

According to the statistics of CPEC authority until September 2019, CPEC has worked in 12 energy production units. Most of which is the commercial options stared and some are in under process.

China invests $ 12.4 billion in energy sector, CPEC PakistanBoth elements agreed in principle that the CPEC electricity venture list may be reviewed and changed primarily based at the ‘Supplementary Protocol to Agreement on the CPEC Energy Projects Cooperation between the China and Pakistan’ (signed on February 3, 2016) and the hints with the useful resource of professional panels on the subject of the task list adjustment consistent with the Report of Joint Study on Power Market in Pakistan.

The final effects of the adjustment will be endorsed inside the shape of a signed agreement among China National Energy Administration and Pakistan Ministry of Energy (Power Division).

The Pakistani provinces proposed tasks that encompass a 135MW Taunsa hydropower project by using the use of Punjab, 350MW Toren More Kari HPP and 260MW Jameshill HPP by way of the usage of KP, the off-grid answer for Balochistan and merged district of KP. The JCC agreed that challenge proposals would be evaluated through the manner of both expert panels.

The Chinese and Pakistani leaders have recently reached a settlement on advancing CPEC development with high requirements and constructing CPEC tasks into model duties of the “Belt and Road” Initiative.

All these projects will cost $ 12.4 billion while generating 7240 MW of electricity.


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