The UAE will offer $ 6.2 billion in Pakistan, and will announce it on the their Visit

Islamabad (Saturday, January 5, 2019): Abu Dhabi Wali Ehad Shaikh Muhammad Bin Ziad al Nehan is expected to offer 6.2 Billion Dollar worth Oil during Pakistan’s visit, that will help to pay the loan.

UAE to announce .2 billion package for Pakistan

According to Media of Pakistan is expected to meet $ 7 billion and $ 90 billion worth of oil annually from Saudi Arabia, Abu-Abi and International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation (ITFC), which will pay for the balance of payment Will help to overcome the crisis.

Abu Dhabi’s Wali pledge will reach Islamabad tomorrow (6 January) to meet Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Pakistani officials say that talks with Abu Dhabi are very important during the visit, because the pledge can be made to provide $ 6.2 billion of oil on Saudi Arabia’s style of payment for the widespread payment for Pakistan.

The United Arab Emirates has announced to submit a $ 6.2 billion to the Pakistani currency exchange account before it will help to overcome the issue of balance of global payments.

A senior government official says the oil worth $ 6.2 billion has additional assistance to Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates will get $ 6.2 billion a total of relief.




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