First round of Pak China talks on economic package

First round of Pak China talks on economic package Pakistan team leaves for China to finalise relief packag

ISLAMABAD: *(Saturday, November 10, 2018) The first round of negotiations on the economic package between Pakistan and China has reached.   China’s Pakistani counterpart talks discussed China-Pakistan-based trade duty-making methodology to increase a billion dollars in exports of Pakistani products. According to sources, Pakistan’s State Bank of Pakistan Tariq Bajwa, Secretary …

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Pakistani products are likely to get duty free access to China

KARACHI: (Saturday, November 10, 2018): After recent visit to Prime Minister Imran Khan, China’s 35-volley-digit productive products are likely to provide duty-free access to the small market. After the Prime Minister’s visit to Pakistan, Pakistan’s exports of Pakistani products to China, between the Pakistani government and China’s concerned government officials, are …

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Pakistan delegation reached China to discuss the financial package

Pakistan delegation arrives in China to discuss trade opportunities

ISLAMABAD (Saturday, November 10, 2018): Pakistan delegation has reached China to discuss Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to China on the financial package.  Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visit to China’s follow-up in the follow-up of the Finance Minister and the Governor’s State Bank has reached China, where Pakistan authorities will …

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